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We now have by far the largest number of paintball guns of any South Australian field!

The most reliable semiauto paintball guns are the tippman 98's no matter what the weather they work. The new electro semi auto paintball guns now shoot up to 30 shots per second.

My team played the World Champions ( Aftershock ) in Florida, America, at the World Cup ( 190 teams from all over the world ) on 30th October 1999, and we shocked them.

I have have play in America at the World Championships since 1997 in 5 man,10 man and X ball formats. My team Severe were the first to represent australia in X ball in 2003.

I played the 7 man world paintball championships in Tolouse, France in 2003 and the 7 man european paintball championship in Amsterdam, Holland in 2004. We played against the American world champion paintball team dyansty in X ball and beat them in our last game and they were all gone in under 60 seconds.

I captained Team Tsunami in the open extreme X ball in Rockhampton and Fox studios in Sydney and won both events becoming the Australian extreme X ball champions. Played in Kualar Lumpar,Malaysia and Taiwan recently.

My experience supplys the best for you!

I have the lastest technologys and updates for paintball incuding the safest,best designed face masks that have been produced with safety chin straps and top of the head protection.

Saftey is our major concern and i have had no problems and operated since 1996 and have been the only field in australia to allow 10 years and up to play.

As you can see paintball has been and still is my passion,i am here so you have the best day out and save the most money,doing this makes playing painball a more affordable past time which promotes the sport in South Australia.

My experience in paintball is unmatched.

I have the latest technologies and updates for paintball including redesigned face masks which are space age. My experience supplies the best for you.

Garry Field

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