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For the absolute latest equipment I am the man to see. This field had by far the most varied scenarios for action and adventure. The main aim is to improve business skills. The successful team in a paintball game requires teamwork and good communication. Leadership skills are also an important success factor with the achievement of defined goals.

Having a professional paintball team, I really know paintball. The life and death struggle of paintball serves to strengthen the working relationship between staff or with customers.

The losing team at the beginning of the day can soon become the winning team and paintball is one of the only games played equally by both sexes, requiring basic survival instincts and cunning.

Problem solving, risk taking and working under stress are all important skills enhanced from paintball. Once people start working closely with each other social, racial and gender barriers start to dissolve and a strong comraderie develops.

The biggest single benefit from paintball is the wonderful release of stress throughout the day. Being only 90 minutes from the Adelaide CDB we are in easy reach for corporate daytrips.

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