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The Wildest Most Awesome PaintBall Gun Park near Adelaide is by the magnificent Deep Creek Conservation Park with rugged and breathtaking scenery second to none, where the only way to win is by using survival instincts, bravery and cunning. In this life and death game you will become the hunter or the hunted and learn to survive as man has done since the dawn of time. Directions & Maps from Adelaide.

Paintball Deep Creek Skirmish Wargames has the largest, the most challenging and varied playing areas ( Fields ) in South Australia (90 minutes from Adelaide). All who have played here have loved the diverse scrub, valleys and mountain courses which change with each game. There are 23 different paintball fields ranging from almost tropical jungle with 8 foot high yakka's to thick scrub surrounding a cave, which at this stage is littered with dead bodies of those who were not cautious enough. You can also ride the flying fox down over the dam to enter Death Valley or venture into the thick forest field. With each step you will feel the adrenaline pumping through you. There is absolutely no better PAINTBALL HEAVEN.

Recently the Australian Champion Paintball Team 'S.W.A.T' played here and rated the Fields as some of the best in Australia, let alone Adelaide! So much so, that they want to organize a 2-day international paintball skirmish tournament here in the future. PLAY THE BEST - IT'S THE ULTIMATE TEST.

During the summer months we have the most comfortable playing conditions for paintball games. For example on Wednesday 25th November 1999, there was light to heavy fog right through the day ( very comfortable playing conditions of about 20 degrees ) while back in the city it was 34 degrees. This happens regularly every summer. The location of the paintball skirmish field is on top of a mountain, 1000 metres above sea level, with sea on 3 sides. There is usually a cool breeze 10 degrees cooler all year round.

While you are playing paintball your face mask must stay on which can get very hot and uncomfortable, but down here the natural air conditioning is wonderful. Also for those that haven't played paintball before, while you are out on the field you must have a safety mask on at all times. Now during summer months, especially while running around, you can get extremely hot and normally would be told to keep your mask on until you walk back to headquarters.

At Skirmish War Games safety areas have been erected alongside every paintball playing field so that you can go straight to the safety area and remove your mask at your convenience. I have also added clear viewing screens in the safety areas so that watching the game is easier. You have to experience walking around a field with a mask on all day to appreciate the difference this makes. No paintball skirmish sessions will be canceled due to fire restrictions because there are no restrictions in hotter weather.

We have the largest range of paintball guns of any field in Australia, from the older style of Phantom and Tippman to the all new Semi-Automatic guns. Experience has shown that some people, especially ladies have trouble using the pump action gun but, with the semi-autos they become a deadly force. Too many times the guys have been beaten by the girls to the amusement of the referees. The Adelaide Football Club ( THE CROWS ) played here on Saturday 13th January 2000 and they loved the truck game.

For overnight stays, the nearby Leonard's Mill supply good accommodation and an excellent restaurant. Other options are camping on the property or on one of the nearby camp grounds with toilet and shower facilities.

We are 90 km from the city of Adelaide but, without equal as far as playing paintball is concerned. What's 15 minutes more driving for the greatest challenges. Indoor PaintBall, where you are always too close to each other and will always be bruised from ultra close hits, has absolutely no comparison to playing outdoors.

We recently had the South Pacific Championship Paintball Team 'HARDLINE' playing here and they loved the diversity of the large number of playing fields with scrub conditions and surfaces and, having played all over Australia they should know, Bunker Hill being their favourite.


Hijack the Truck, Trenches, Flying Fox to Death Valley, Heartbreak Ridge, The Fortress, Bunker Hill, Valley Field, Suicide Alley, Cave Field, 2 Large Forts with Towers, Valley of the Lost, Little Vietnam and Death Valley.

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